Pruning and Tips

pruning and tips

Regularly prune your plants

Every plant differs when it comes to pruning. It's wise to do your research when it comes to how often to prune the various species of indoor and outdoor plant available. If you avoid pruning a plant, it's likely it will grow wild or out of control. The roots may also outgrow its environment, be this a vase, a plant pot or the ground. Pruning involves removing dead leaves, stems and branches - all of which can attract bugs. When pruning leaf nodes, cuts at a 45 degree angle to promote good regrowth.

Never tip tea or coffee into your houseplant

Contrary to belief, tipping tea or coffee into your potted plants or garden plants will not promote good health but will instead attract insects and flies, which will attack your plant. The low acidic tolerance of coffee can also decrease a plant's lifespan. Looking after your indoor and outdoor plants can be relatively simple, provided that you remember the essentials. You’ll probably also find that you get into good habits after a period of time and that you’ll routinely remember to water your plants and keen them in good condition.

As long as you give your blooms care and attention, they should flourish so that you can enjoy them time and time again.